The internal audit program at UTD has developed a long list of scholarships that have been made possible by sponsors from the Annual Fraud Conference and the largest endowment for an internal audit program worldwide.

These scholarships were specifically established to recognize high performing students planning to enter the fields of internal audit, IT audit and forensic accounting. The standards for the scholarship have been established with the guidance of the Center for Internal Auditing Advisory Board to recognize those who have been actively pursuing careers in internal audit.

Students must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident to be eligible for the scholarships. Other eligibility requirements can be found in the application below.

Internal Auditor magazine, the world’s leading publication covering the internal audit profession, and The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA) are striving to strengthen internal audit and like professions through education. For decades, The IIA has been committed to Academic Relations by providing dedicated staffing and volunteer support, as well as partnering with schools through the Internal Auditing Education Partnership program.

Internal Auditor magazine is launching a scholarship program in 2016 for undergraduate and graduate students. Six US $1,000, essay-based scholarships will be offered throughout the year to students who write the most informative and thought-provoking essays, as judged by The IIA’s Publications Advisory Committee.

The University of Texas at Dallas

School of Management

Center for Internal Auditing Excellence


Internal Audit Education and Information Technology Audit Scholarship – Spring, 2018


This is a $1,000 to $5,000 scholarship for the Spring 2018 semester.  Scholarship funds for Spring 2018 will be provided by the seven corporate sponsors and three professional associations of the 2016 Fraud Summit. The scholarships also include:  Denny Beran Excellence in Internal Auditing Scholarship (from endowment), Center for Internal Auditing Excellence-IT Audit Scholarship (from endowment), Center for Internal Auditing- High Potential Undergraduate Internal Audit Scholarship (from endowment), and the North Texas Information Systems Audit and Control Association Scholarship.


  • Must be a graduate student or undergraduate fast track student planning on completing the Internal Audit program.
  • Student must have completed or be enrolled in the Internal Audit class ACCT 6380 by Spring 2018.
  • GPA greater than 3.2 in prior UTD coursework.
  • Student must take at least six credit hours per semester and be pursuing a career in information technology audit, internal audit or forensic accounting.
  • Preference will be given to those with active participation in the IIA/ISACA/ACFE Student Chapter along with strong leadership qualities and relevant work experience.
  • Students must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Attributes that are evaluated: Placeability, Assistance During the Year, Participation in the Student Chapter, Conference Volunteers, Work Towards Certification, GPA/Academics, Written Essay, and Teaching Assistants.

Application MUST Include:

  • The scholarship application form below, completed in full.
  • One page resume attached below.
  • Personal Narrative as described below.

Only COMPLETE applications received by the deadline will be considered by the selection committee.

When did you take the Internal Audit class or when do you plan on taking it (Semester, Year)?
Do you plan on finishing work to complete the IAEP program and by when?
Did you volunteer for the 2016 Dallas IIA Super Conference?
Did you volunteer for the Fraud Summit - March 31 and/or April 1 of 2016?


Please attach your one-page resume and your one-page personal statement telling us why you feel you should receive a scholarship. Include why you would like to pursue a career in internal audit or information technology audit. Also, include any plans you have for professional certifications and your progress towards them.

One-page Resume:

One-page Personal Statement:

 Deadline:  November 18, 2017